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Dr. Martin A. Leroch

Curriculum Vitae
CV Martin Leroch - Juli 2013.pdf (142,4 KB)  vom 23.07.2013

Publikationen in Zeitschriften:

Leroch, M (2013): Punishment as Defiance: Deterrence and Perverse Effects in the Case of Expressive Crime. In: CESifo Economic Studies.

Leroch, M. (2013): Culture at Work: How Culture affects Workplace Behaviors”, forthcomingin. In: International Journal of Manpower, 35(1/2). 133-146.

Leroch, M., Wellbrock, C. (2011): Saving Newspapers with Public Grants: The Effects of Press Subsidies on the Provision of Journalistic Quality. In: Information Economics and Policy, 23. 281-286.

Holler, M., Leroch, M. (2010): Efficiency and Justice Revisited. In: The European Journal of Political Economy, 26(3). 311-319.

Holler, M., Leroch, M. (2010): Jury on Stage: A Common Law Play. In: The European Journal of Law and Economics, 30(2), 89-110.

Leroch, M. (2009): Pointing Fingers: Why People hold Corporations Responsible. In: Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftspolitik, 58(3). 396-418.

Leroch, M. (2008): Peace and the Sharing of Power: Contrasting Conquest and Non- Conquest Settings. In: Homo Oeconomicus, 25(2). 169-180.

Holler, M., Leroch, M. (2008): Impartial Spectator, Moral Community, and Some Legal Consequences. In: Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 30. 297-317.

Leroch, M. (2008): Adam Smith’s Intuition Pump: The Impartial Spectator. In: Homo Oeconomicus, 25(1). 1-22.

Publikationen in Herausgeberwerken:

Wellbrock, C., Leroch, M. (2013): Good Intentions, Bad Results – The Effects of Newspaper Subsidies on the Provision of Journalistic Quality. In: Murschetz, P. (Hrsg.): State Aid for Newspapers, Heidelberg, Springer


Leroch, M., Maaser, N., Rupp, F. (2013): Game Theory Lite. München, ACCEDO Verlag.

Leroch, M. (2008): Social Organization: Essays on the Need of Institutions and their Design. Saarbrücken, SVH.

Holler, M., Leroch, M., Maaser, N. (2008): Spieltheorie Lite. München, ACCEDO Verlag.

Gröndahl, J., Leroch, M. (2006): Einfach lernen! Mikroökonomie. Frederiksberg, Ventus Verlag.

Gröndahl, J., Leroch, M. (2006): Einfach lernen! Mikroökonomie. Frederiksberg, Ventus Verlag.

Weitere Publikationen:

Butler, J., Conzo, P., Leroch, M. (20139: Social identity and punishment. In: EIEF working paper, 16/13, Online- Ressource, 24 S.

Leroch, M., Reggiani, C., Rossini, G., Zucchelli, E. (2012): Religious Attitudes and Home Bias: Theory and Evidence from a Pilot Study. University of Manchester, Economics Discussion Paper Series EDP- 1206.

Hugh-Jones, D., Leroch, M. (2010): Group Reciprocity. Jena Economic Research Papers 2010- 066

Karacuka, M., Leroch, M. (2006): Signaling in Social Networks: An Empirical Study of Denominational Fractionalization in the USA, Ege University Turkey, Department of Economics, Working Paper No. 06/10.

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